Dearest Angelee,

Thank you so much for the awesome ISR experience.  Our daughter, Jaida, at 20 months successfully completed the program in five weeks and is swimming wonderfully.

Thank you for your confidence, strength and positive attitude in training Jaida.  Not only did she enjoy the lessons (well, most of them :) but she continued to progress and has retained the critical skills learned by you.  She now not only appreciates the water but has a new found respect, as well.

Committing to the ISR course was an important decision for us.  With two older boys and a baby arriving this summer, we felt an increasing concern for little Jaida's safety.  Although we continue diligence and awareness with our home pool, as well as with all water, we do feel peace in knowing she has mastered tools to maximize her safety.

 We have one hundred percent confidence in the ISR program, and especially in you.  We recommend ISR at every opportunity and Jaida loves to share her skills with any audience.  At 22 months, she is now teaching her dollie to swim, "Swim, swim, rest, breathe....Good job!" She's a little you and we are so proud.

Thank you, Angelee, for a successful and enjoyable experience.  We truly appreciate you and the program, more than words could ever say.

With Appreciation,

Paul & Dena Gazeley

Gilbert, AZ


I was so thrilled with the ISR program for Brandt, my 2 year old.  After completing his classes with you, he loves swimming! He is eager to show off his skills, jumping into the water, floating on his back, and even swimming distances to reach mom or dad. 

I am so pleased with the joy of swimming he has acquired.  While the ISR lessons can be emotionally trying on parents, your gentleness, competence, dedication, and ability to connect with children made the entire process wonderful for our family!

Thank you so much for all you have done to make our family water-safe!


The Burresses

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We are so grateful for the incredible, life-saving skills McKinley learned from Angelee! She is knowledgeable, patient, attentive, caring, and safe! We highly recommend her and will be back every year with every kid!

Brenley Duncan

Queen Creek

Angelee is amazing! I have 3 kids taking lessons with her, 11 months, 3 years, and 5 years. She is patient, but firm with the older two which is great, because they need that when taking direction. And I am absolutely amazed after 6 weeks, when I see all of them, especially my youngest, using the skills she has taught them to survive in the water. The knowledge that all of our children can safely handle themselves in water is invaluable to my husband and I! Thank you so much Angelee!

Katy Platt

San Tan Valley

My husband and I were skeptical at first, but we were desperate for a swim program that gave us results unlike our 3 summers spent at another swim school, so we enrolled our 3 year old daughter and 18 month old daughter in the program. Now that our daughters have graduated the program, I cannot say enough positive things about ISR and Angelee! This program has taught our girls so much! I loved seeing my girls progress and find confidence in the pool through survival skills in the water. Angelee does not cap off any child's achievement level and it is clear that she clearly believes that every child can learn these skills. Her motto is "competence builds confidence". I couldn't agree more-I've seen it first hand! We are so happy with our experience with ISR and Angelee! Yes, it's pricey, but it's worth every penny!

Crystal Payne

Queen Creek

You were great with Ada - she loved you and was always very excited when we pulled into your driveway.  Also, it was so fun to watch Ada progress.  It was amazing to watch her float for the first time on her own.  I was so proud!  And I still am whenever I get to show her off in the pool to others.  It's so fun to watch her in the water now.  She has such confidence, and a great deal of joy in the water!  Swimming is her favorite thing to do, and now that she has her ISR skills, it's more enjoyable (and less worrisome) for me too.

Thanks - we'll be back next year.

Katherine Sam

Queen Creek, AZ

Today we went to a pool party and there were a lot of kids in the pool! My three year old who finished up her first refresher course about a month ago was playing on the step in the pool. I was turned away from her for a few minutes and while I was turned away she accidentally stepped off the step. My sister who was facing the pool saw that My baby was struggling and when I turned around, she was floating on her back! She was struggling because there was a pool float on top of her body! She had managed to get the float off of her head just like she had been trained to do and was floating!! Just a few minutes later she was back in the pool and playing and having fun! I am so grateful for the amazing training she got from Angelee!! Those few seconds could have ended in tragedy! I wasn't sure if she knew enough to save herself and I found out for sure today:) Thank you so much Angelee!! 

Laura Waite, Queen Creek

This weekend actually gave me a perfect example of why we are so glad we enrolled in ISR!  The kids wanted to get one last swim in this season.  Since it is October, the water was chilly!  I sat in a chair on the side of the pool (too cold for me!) while the kids got ready to jump in.  Ashley (5 years old) jumped in from the side and was so excited to get to swim.

However, once in she was shocked by how cold the water was.  I could see her face start to panic and she was trying to figure out what to do.  I was getting ready to jump in, but she rolled into her float!  I was so proud of her!!!  We haven't been swimming for a couple of weeks.  I love that she just KNEW what to do. I don't think Ashley was about to drown, especially with me right there, however, I was pleased that in a panic situation, she remembered a way to be safe and a way to calmly handle herself.

I enrolled each child in ISR for a different reason:

Ashley (almost age 5 at enrollment time): to gain confidence in her abilities.  She had relied on the vests too long and was too afraid.  I love how ISR gave her confidence and the skills needed so she would know what to do if she was sacred again (float).

Caden (almost 3 at enrollment time): To swim underwater and to gain survival skills.  He had also always used a vest and had NO idea how to swim without one.  He swam vertically without putting his head in the water. 

Makenna (almost 13 months at enrollment time):  I wanted Makenna to learn survival skills.  As a baby, I was unsure how much she would master, but we were pleased.  The main goal was for her to be safe and I feel that if needed, she would be able to roll into a float and hold it until we came for her.

This was a huge monetary investment for our family, but we are so happy to see the progress each child made after the lessons.  The best part for us is seeing them swim confidently and to watch them float at times when they need to. It makes me happy to see them associate the float with a safe, comfortable way to get air.

See you next season!

Nicole Cameron

Mesa, Arizona