Drowning of children under the age of four years is an epidemic in the United States. In Florida, Arizona, California and Texas, drowning is the No.1 cause of accidental death for that age group; and nationally, it ranks second only to automobile accidents as the most prominent cause of accidental death.  Every day 11 children in the US die from drowning and another 39 are permanently impaired as the result of injuries from a near drowning incident.
Since 1966, ISR has safely delivered over 6 million lessons to teach water self-rescue skills to more than 160,000 babies and has educated parents and medical experts nationwide on water safety techniques and proven instruction methods. To date, ISR has 784 documented cases of unwitnessed survivals and over 1,700 cases of survivals witnessed by children using ISR 8 month old Ty       
techniques to save themselves from drowning in cases of witnessed survival.
ISR is the product of more than 40 years of research and development by Dr. Harvey Barnett. Dr. Barnett developed the first and only drowning prevention strategy that has earned a 100% safety record. No other swim class offers a proven system for safely teaching your child to enjoy the fun of swimming, while at the same time teaching life saving skills that are proven to save lives.
Infant Swimming Resource promotes three lines of defense to help stop this epidemic and protect our children:

  • Constant adult supervision in and around the water.
  • Maintaining a safer home pool environment
  • Safe, effective survival swimming instruction for children as young as 6 months.